Division of Medical Devices

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@Works of Division of Medical Device (DMD) has been are specialized on works and studies on safety and efficafy issues of medical devices from April 1st 2010 since those of household products were transfered to Division of Enviornmental Chemistry. Therefore, Japanese name of the Division has been re-named since then (however, nothing changes in English name of the division).

@Our current subject of researches are efficacy, safety, and quality management of medical devices (hemodialyzer, intraocular implants, catheters, contact lenses, and so on), dental devices, tissue-engineered medical products, and biomaterials for the devices (natural and synthetic polymers, biodegradable materials, metals, ceramics). Studies on adverse effects of implants after long-term utilization and developing new evaluating methods for brand-new medical devices are our research subjects as well.